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Kris Petersen, MS, LMT, L.Ac
“A Natural Approach to Better Health”

The experienced and compassionate practitioners at Bodytech Acupuncture & Massage know that pain can strike every day. They are available throughout the week for 30-minute to 2-hour treatments, providing renewal for your entire being.

Patients, who have experienced pain relief, offer high praise for owner Kris Petersen, M.S., L.M.T., L.Ac. One recently said: “There is no other practitioner who spends as much individual time with the patient as Kris does, which is why he gets the results he does.” When those suffering from chronic discomfort can’t find help elsewhere, they turn to Bodytech Acupuncture & Massage. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Results-driven therapy
  • Individually designed treatments
  • Combination of many modalities

Are you frustrated because surgery rehabilitation seems like an endless loop of discomfort? Does pain hamper your daily life and interfere with routine tasks? Are others unable to provide relief for your ongoing conditions?

For a natural approach to better health, call Bodytech Acupuncture & Massage now to schedule an appointment!