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Are you suffering from chronic and acute pain, which has decreased the quality of your life? Are you struggling with repetitive use injuries, which constantly nag at your sense of well-being? Are you trying to get back on your feet or recovering slowly after surgery?

Bodytech Acupuncture & Massage provides effective solutions for all pain-related problems. From sports and auto accident injuries to athletic performance enhancement, our highly trained and skilled practitioners provide the following services:

  • 30-minute to 2-hour sessions, depending on your specific conditions
  • Treatments designed specifically for each patient on a particular day
  • More one-on-one time to achieve the desired results
  • Treatments combining many modalities besides acupuncture

At Bodytech Acupuncture & Massage, you will never experience a “one-size-fits-all” treatment plan. Instead, full attention is focused on each individual’s needs any day of the week. If you have experienced a sports or auto injury or need help with any type of pain management, call now to schedule an appointment!

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

  • 30 Minutes – $40
  • 1 Hour – $90
  • 90 Minutes – $125
  • 2 Hours – $160

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